American Citizenship


“This principle can not be too definitely or emphatically proclaimed.  American citizenship is a high estate.  He who holds it is the peer of kings.  It has been secured only by untold toil and effort.  It will be maintained by no other method.  It demands the best that men and women have to give.  But it likewise awards to its partakers the best that there is on earth.  To attempt to turn it into a thing of ease and inaction would be only to debase it.  To cease to struggle and toil and sacrifice for it is not only to cease to be worthy of it but is to start a retreat toward barbarism.  No matter what others may say, no matter what others may do, this is the stand that those must maintain who are worthy to be called Americans.”

– Calvin Coolidge,
July 4th, 1872 – January 5th, 1933

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