Movie Recommendation: Brass Bancroft

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 19.27.54

If you’re in the mood for some fast-paced B-movies, check out the Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service mystery collection.  A young Ronald Reagan plays the part of “Brass”, an eager new Secret Service agent who, with his sidewise grin, can-do attitude, and clumsy yet effective sidekick Gabby Watters (Eddie Foy, Jr.), sets out to get the bad guys and, of course, succeeds every time.  Travel with this crime-stopping duo as they attempt to halt the smuggling of illegal aliens (Secret Service of the Air, 1939), expose money counterfeiting rings (Code of the Secret Service and Smashing the Money Ring, 1939), and unmask enemy agents (Murder in the Air, 1940).

There is even some history attached to one of the movies: while Reagan considered Code of the Secret Service to be his worst picture ever, it inspired youngster Jerry Parr to become a Secret Service agent someday.  As Providence would have it, that decision and some quick thinking on the part of Agent Parr ended up saving the life of none other than Ronald Reagan himself during the 1981 assassination attempt on the President.







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